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What Others are Saying . . .

Dear Rigguy,

Just a note to say thank you for your innovative product - the Wire Stopģ system.†

We have been using this system for a couple years now and love it. One of the best attributes is that it helps us cut costs. Not having to order and stock so many parts (compared to other systems) is a huge money-saving measure. We also are able to keep all the supplies in one toolbox, which keeps us very streamlined. We have 6 crews using this one toolbox and on average we install 5 to 8 cables per week.†††

On behalf of Arborguard Tree Specialists, thank you for making such a great product!


Jonathan McNeil

I have been a tree guy for over 25 years. Iíve wrapped my own ends, used tree grips, lags and thru bolts. Rigguy cable ends have a learning curve of less than 10 minutes. I get a positive lock like thru bolts without carrying five different sets of hardware. They are cheaper than thru bolts and faster to put in. With a bucket and a gas drill, I can put in any cable in under 20 minutes. Iíve been using Rigguy cable ends for four years. Not one has failed and I couldnít be happier. Steveís a nice guy, too!


Colin Milde
Board Certified Master Arborist
Certified Safety Tree Care Professional

I'm writing to let you know my thoughts regarding the "Rigguy" cabling system . . . . I was very skeptical when I first saw it at the CTPA summer meeting in 2006. To satisfy my curiosity, I purchased a few sets and made some installations. True to its claim, installation was much faster than the lag/eye-bolt system, cleaner looking, and easier. I was reluctant to make a change, having done cabling for so long, and the same way. This system shows that change can be good! I have purchased two complete sets along with some loose pieces, and now this is all we use. I highly recommend this system to anyone who cares for trees; it is superior in every way.


Bruce S. Pauley
Bruce Pauley Tree Care